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INFUS 2022




INFUS 2022

“Intelligence and Fuzzy Systems” (INFUS) conference has been organized by Yasar University, Istanbul Technical University, and Bakircay University between 19-21 July 2022. The conference was hosted by Yasar University and Bakircay University. There were both on site and online participation to the conference. Domestic and foreign speakers presented their studies via on site and online platforms. Invited speakers of the conference were Prof. Janusz Kacpryzk, Prof. Krassimir Atanassov, Prof. Vicenc Torra, Prof. Ajith Abraham, Prof. Okyay Kaynak, Prof Habib Zaidi, Prof. Vilem Novak, and Prof. Ahmet Fahri Özok.

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The conference theme was “Intelligent and Fuzzy Techniques: Digital acceleration and the new normal”. This theme arised due to the current necessity of digital transformation after the coronavirus pandemic. The post-COVID-19 era brought us to a new normal that will accelerate digital transformation in many areas such as digital economy, digital finance, digital government, digital health and digital education. To prepare for a digital “new normal” and maintain a leadership position among competitors, both manufacturing and service companies need to initiate a robust digital transformation. Digitizing an industrial company is a challenging process, which involves rethinking established structures, processes, and steering mechanisms. INFUS2022 aims to bring together the latest theoretical and practical intelligent and fuzzy studies on digital transformation, digital acceleration and the new normal, to present it to the participants and to create a discussion environment ( Based on this aim, participants who have studies related with the conference theme had a chance to present their works via online or on site platforms.












































































































Conference participants had a chance to have a trip to Bergama, which is a significant district of İzmir due to its historical and cultural richness.